G7645 Tilt Back Tire Changer

The large and reinforced frame grants the utmost rigidity to the structure and chucking table. The gear box is installed between two steel plates to avoid flex during operation.The extra height of the vertical post and tool shaft allow operation on tires to a max. of 17” (431 mm) width.

  • Sturdy and ergonomic handle.
  • Tool locking with automatic setting of appropriate distance from the rim.
  • The bead breaker opening can be adjusted into 2 positions to work with extreme rapidity.
    • Jointed and shaped blade to facilitate bead breaking.
    • Galvanized cylinder with double operation.
  • Pedals in press-cast aluminium.
  • Pedal assembly can be removed as an integral unit allowing easy servicing.

Tire Changer Brochure


Technical Data
External Clamping
10"-26" (254-660mm)
Internal Clamping
12"-28.5" (305-724mm)
Max Tire Diameter
45" (1143mm)
Max Rim Width
17" (431mm)
Max Bead Breaker Opening  17" (431mm)
Bead Breaker Cylinder power at 175 psi
8,000 lbs
220V 60 Cycles 1hp
Turntable Roation Speed (rev/min)
0 to 16 RPM
Max Torque to Turntable

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