G9156.11N Super Duty Tire Changer

The dimensions and work strokes ensure maximum efficiency for an entire range of tires. The two-speed rotation chucking table can accommodate rims up to 44” and 56” (with G108A1 extensions set). With leverless action, the tool operates between bead and rim, pulls up the bead and de-mounts the tire.

  • Double ratcheting locking arm
  • Double speed for chucking table rotation

Tire Changer Brochure


Chucking unit rotation motor 3hp
Hydraulic drive unit motor 2hp
Rim Ø 11”- 43” (280-1092mm)
Rim Ø with G108A1 11”- 56”(280-1422mm)
Max. wheel Ø 90.5”(2300mm)
Max allowed wheel width 43” (1000mm)

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