G8945 Memory Leverless Tire Changer

The RAV Memory leverless tire changer looks very familiar with mostly foot pedal controls that all tire technicians are familiar with. With an adjustable height hub mounting system that is very quick and safe for expensive rims and a wheel lift for assistance, the leverless tire changer offers the best of both worlds: side shovel type bead breaker as well as dynamic roller bead breaking. The positioning of our proven no-mar mount/demount tool is easily set for rim #1 then returns automatically to the proper position on its own for rims 2, 3, and 4.

The MEMORY function uses a simple non-electronic technology that promises to be reliable and durable. Completing the package is our pneumatic press arm help device for assistance when the need arises.

  • Wheel lift, Inflation by pedal, and Helper Arm PLUS91AKC are standard.
  • Patented durable lever tool made from tough but flexible plastic anti-scratch material
  • Quick lock-nut secures rim to the tire changer mounting hub, (similar to a wheel balancer flansh)
  • Two height position of mounting hub, for standard or reverse rims
  • Space Saver – Tire changer post with vertical “space saver” movement
  • Leverless tool retains it’s “Memory” position to the rim edge. Set it the first time and it will go back to same position by just pushing a foot pedal
  • Familiar bead breaker shovel opens quickly to speed up bead breaking via bead breaker shovel. (Can be used as alternative to breaking the bead with the bead breaker roller.)
  • Roller radial position setting
  • Easy demounting of the lower bead with the bead breaker roller
  • Easy and controlled bead breaking – Roller rotation 180°

Tire Changer Brochure


Technical Data


Handles wheels from

10”-26” (254-660mm)

Max wheel diameter

45” (1143mm)

Max wheel width

15” (381mm)

Max side shovel bead loosener opening

17” (432mm)

Recommended air supply

8-10 bar / 115-145 PSI

Rotation motor

1.5 Kw inv. + 0.75Kw motor

Bead loosener power (roller)

1200kg (2645lbs.)

Bead loosener power (side shovel)

3600kg (7900lbs.)

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