GTL2.120H Standard Heavy Duty Truck Balancer

In this case standard means adequate for the job with no unnecessary frills or features. It also means designed, engineered, and built to a standard of high quality. If your needs are basic, such as the fleet application where you are balancing 22.5″ wheels day in and day out this machine is a great choice.

The Standard has the same pneumatic wheel lift as our top line machines and also uses a strong DC drive motor which is utilized in every RAV wheel balancer. Car and light truck software are included in this package and with the proper mounting adapters this machine will precisely balance those tires and wheels. The display is LCD and easily viewed.


  • Balancing software for trucks, cars, and light trucks
  • Vivid graphics on flat panel display
  • Automatic data entry of distance and diameter
  • Powerful DC drive motor
  • Integrated pneumatic lift
  • Hidden weight feature
  • Eco weight feature
  • Light truck balancing modes
  • Alloy balancing modes
  • Tape weight modes

Other Benefits

  • Power Requirement: 115 volt 1 phase
  • Quality construction for longevity and durability
  • Stronger drive motor means faster balancing cycles
  • DC drive motor allows for more precise spin speed and a more accurate balance
  • Simple to use with our exclusive 5 color keypad. Most balancing functions require no keypad interaction at all.

Tire Changer Brochure


Technical Data


Rim Diameter

10″ – 30" (254-762mm)

Rim Width

1.5″ – 22″ (38-559mm)

Max Tire Diameter


Maximum Wheel Weight

441 lbs. (200kg)

Read Out Accuracy

5g - (0.17oz) Commercial 

1g - (0.035oz) Passenger Vehicle

Rotation Speed (rpm)

< 100 RPM

Power Supply

110v / 60 Hz / 1Ø

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