G4.140RS TouchSpin Diagnostic Smart Balancer

With optional Digital Data Arm the G4 series precisely measures the eccentricity of the tire and the rim then guides the operator through the indexing procedure. To custom fit your application we offer several different adapter packages. We prefer to outfit the machine to fit your needs as closely as possible. This means you are not required to purchase expensive tooling that you do not need. In addition to our standard 4 cone adapter package you may choose from the following adapter options:

Basic light truck cone/spacer kit for most 3/4 and 1 ton applications.
ProMax MD light truck package for precise centering of light truck rims.
ProBalance car package includes a universal lug mount kit and a selection of centering collets.

Other outstanding features include:Automatic input of dimensional data

  • Powerful DC drive motor means more precise balancing and longer life.
  • TouchScreen 19″ Monitor with 3D Graphics.
  • Intuitive software guides the operator and suggests additional operations.
  • Automatic LED lighting illuminates the interior of the wheel.
  • Double stop on top for automatic weight position at 12 o’clock.
  • Easy hidden weight program

Other Benefits

  • Better and heavier construction for longevity and durability.
  • Stronger drive motor means faster and more accurate balancing cycles.
  • Simple to use with our exclusive 5 color keypad. Most balancing functions require no keypad interaction at all.
  • Eco-Weight function saves on the cost of wheel weights.

Power Requirement: 115 volt 1 phase

Tire Changer Brochure


Technical Data

G4.140RS TouchSpin

Rim Diameter

10″ – 30" (254-762mm)

Rim Width

1.5″ – 22″ (38-559mm)

Maximum Wheel Weight

154 lbs. (69kg)

Read Out Accuracy

1g - (0.035oz)

Cycle Time

6 Seconds

Rotation Speed (rpm)


Power Supply

110v / 50-60 / 1hp

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