GT2 Roadside Mobile Truck Balancer

Use it in your shop…in the customer’s facility…in a trailer or van….even on the parking lot.

The new RoadSide mobile truck balancer is a lot of wheel balancer for not a lot of money. The same RAV quality you find in our other machines is evident in this versatile performer. Tilt the machine on its casters and roll it on any hard surface

To custom fit your application we offer several different adapter packages. We prefer to outfit the machine to fit your needs as closely as possible. This means you are not required to purchase expensive tooling that you do not need.

  • Basic truck package
  • ProMax HD truck package
  • Basic light truck package
  • ProMax MD light truck package
  • Basic car package
  • ProBalance car package


  • No pneumatic connection needed
  • Power Requirement – 115 volt 1 phase
  • No pneumatic wheel lift required….turn the handle on top 2-3 rounds and the tire is lifted free of the floor
  • Same 40mm shaft as our other models….same tooling works on this machine
  • Specific programs for truck wheels
  • Specific programs for car and light truck wheels
  • Specific programs for alloy and tape weights
  • Calibration fixture included

Technical Data

  • Rim diameter – 10-26″ automatic/larger sizes entered thru keypad
  • Rim width – 1.5″-22″ automatic/larger sizes entered thru keypad
  • Max tire/wheel weight – 440 lbs.
  • Degree of accuracy Within – 1 gram
  • Rotation speed – 80 rpm for truck/100 rpm for car
  • Power supply – 115v 1ph (converted to 24vDC)


Tire Changer Brochure


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